Modeling types:

Fashion Model:
Fashion to be promotes clothing and accessories by designers. There are two types of models in this category: high fashion and commercial. High modeling is an art form of fashion. The size of the model depends on the clothing. i.e. Plus sized models model for plus sized clothing.

These models are featured in high fashion magazines. Clothing designers traditionally show their new collections for models every year in fashion show, for buyers, the industry, and the general public. For this you need walk the runway, and pose to display clothing.

First, there are enormous differences between modeling commercially and fashion. There are actors, pilots, firemen, housewives, students, etc. who model commercially, some are very successful and make a good deal of money at it. But they are not commercial in the same sense that fashion models are glamour and very famous in this industry.

Runway models are associated with flawless looks. They appear before the public with no lens, or graphics company to airbrush a little beauty in. Its also known as “Catwalk Modeling” is displaying fashion, and is generally performed by “fashion models.” of the International level.

A lot of models, when learning this modeling, tend to swing there arms way to much. Your arms should only swing as much as your body makes them. With runway men and runway women it is a little bit different of a looking swing. The reason for the difference is how a man takes his steps.

Next time you watch a model, watch and see how their lower arm is doing most of the swinging. Concentrate on keeping your Runway Models requirements are few. The model selection must match origination and intent of market, yet bottom line is designer’s subjective opinion.

Commercial Model:

Every day you see models in many different types of ads. They appear in newspapers, catalogs, magazines, editorials, (photos shown in conjunction with an article in a magazine), brochures, on posters, billboards, sides of buses, packages of food items, household products, games, etc.

On the other hand, need only to have the ability to look like a real person. In modeling people of all heights, weights, sizes, ages, and races are hired. Fashion models normally promote high-end designer clothes; commercial models advertise everything else.

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